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I don't wish to know anything. I only wish to know that which is all things: Energy... Love... God! Thank You

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Reply Jared
11:17 PM on April 13, 2011 
Not much, just doin my thing. Good to talk to people who practice stuff other than mma or bjj hahaha...not that i think its all bad, i just prefer most asian styles of fighting..are you familiar with a style known as wing chun by any chance? I am quite intrigued by its sparring techniques known as chi sao but have difficulty understanding its practicality.
Reply Jared
9:01 PM on March 20, 2011 
Hello new friend.
Reply missjoy
11:47 PM on March 2, 2011 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply socratus
12:20 AM on January 24, 2011 
God as a Scientist : Ten Scientific Commandments.
God Himself is Creator.
He/She/It created Everything.
So God must be Scientist and must use Physical/
Mathematical Laws and Formulas for His/Her/Its work.
For forty days and forty nights Moses wrote the tablets
of ? The Ten Commandments?.
Which Commandments are they?
They are moral, ethical Commandments.
Can be written ?Ten Scientific Commandments? ?
I think ? Yes?, God has given to us everything that necessary
to understand Him and His Genesis using Physical /
Mathematical Laws and Formulas.
Ten Scientific Commandments:
Fundamental Theory of Existence.

1 The infinite vacuum T=0K. ( background energy space: E ).
2 The particle:
C/D = pi, R/N= k , E = Mc^2 = kc^2 , h = 0 , i^2= -1
3 The spins: h =E/t , h =kb, h* = h/2pi
4 The photon, the inertia
5 The electron: e^2 = h*ca, E = h*f , electromagnetic field
6 The gravitation, the star, the time and space
7 The Proton
The Evolution of interaction between Electron and Proton
a) electromagnetic
b) nuclear
c) biological
The Laws
a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy/mass
b) The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Law
c) The Pauli Exclusion Principle/ Law
The test.
Every theory must be tested logically ( theoretical ) and practically
a) Theory : Dualism of Consciousness: (consciousness / unconsciousness)
b) Practice : Parapsychology. Meditation.
Best wishes
Israel Sadovnik Socratus
The secret of God and Existence is hidden
in the ? Theory of Vacuum & Light Quanta ?.
I want to know how God created this world
I am not interested in this or that phenomenon,
in the spectrum of this or that element
I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details
/ Einstein /
Reply 9ball
10:57 PM on April 20, 2010 
we need to talk sir.

My name is scott. i too have crohns disease.

i would love to see what you have to say about what it meant to get rid of crohns for you.