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Recently I've discovered that I have a weird ability to sense qi in my body. It's a very subtle feeling, not at all strong or painful enough to be distracting, so I guess before this recent discovery I figured everybody had similar sensations. I've also wondered at times if something's just subtly "wrong" with my nervous system, or circulatory system. That is, until I was recently (randomly) introduced to a qigong video by my mom.

 My increased sensitivity during qiqong movements was rapid-to-arise and profound, so much so that quickly my video instructor's direction to "imagine a ball of qi" struck me as strange. The ball, albeit a nebulous field-like ball, was tangible. I did not need to imagine it. Especially at the levels of my lower dan tien and in the field around my head, it was too strong to be denied - a rare warmth, sometimes a tingling, and an almost constant glowing feeling from my fingers and palms. And I also began feeling it flow in my torso, and being able to manipulate it in a primitive way - "pumping" it up through my chest and into my arms, feeling it as the same glowing and tingling feeling in my fingers and palms.

 After about a week of doing qigong for about an hour a day, I asked my girlfriend if I could try something. After getting relaxed and getting my hands glowing from my favorite movements, she lied down on her stomach, I sat on her butt, and touching her back with both hands, I tried to pump qi into my arms, out my hands, and into her, hoping she might feel some sensation. This movement induces me to clinch my sphincter muscles and lower abdomen.

Of course, I'd told her about qi healers already, and how I was able to generate a pleasant glowing feeling in my hands with brief effort, so maybe this influenced her reaction. But anyway, about ten seconds into an intense effort on my part, she responded in an almost alarming fashion, saying "Okay, okay, there it is! Okay!" She said she'd been expecting she might feel a kind of glowing or warmth, but this was a crackling hot, sporadic pin-like sensation. It didn't feel pleasant, and while she was certain she'd felt something, it wasn't what she was expecting. I had a hard time believing at first that she'd felt anything at all, except that her response followed just upon an especially strong sensation in myself.

 I was able to replicate this feeling in a second attempt a couple days later. This time I first tried to do it pressing against her bare skin, but this dissipated my own sensation of energy and I couldn't seem to even get the pump going effectively. But when I touched a thin cotton shirt she was wearing (like I had days before) it generated a hot, pin-like feeling as before, though weaker this time. It was more difficult, maybe because I was partially spent already (my pits started sweating and my body trembled as I really tried to wring myself out like a sponge for a half-minute), but she did get the sensation again, albeit weaker this time, and when she did, she flinched saying, "There!" at which point I got the same kind of nervous sensation you get in an instant of being startled, except this sensation started in my fingers and went up my arms. Crazy ... And a few days ago I (somewhat shamefully) did the same thing to her when she was half-asleep. I got a like response to the first one. She was not pleased with me, but hey, I really wanted to be sure some sensible transmission was happening, and I promised her I won't do it again till I know better what I'm doing.

 At this point I'm not clear what the nature of this talent is; as I see it, it could be one of two things happening: Either I have an extraordinary sensitivity to the feeling of qi flow (at least of a certain kind of qi flow, as I rarely notice warmth or heat) and as a result am able to manipulate it easier than most novices due to having near constant feedback. Alternatively, maybe my body is an extraordinarily strong qi conduit. Or maybe its a combination of these two alternatives. It makes me speculate whether a decade long digestive disease (I've slowly been recovering from) or my serious engagement in athletics and weightlifting has contributed to whatever's going on. But I guess short of finding a master who's attained a very high level, I won't be able to know for sure.

From the research I've done I know I want to begin a Nei Kung practice, am serious about advancing, and I will make the requisite sacrifices. If I can progress well through the earliest levels, I will likely be willing to devote a large part of my life to this practice, as I thoroughly enjoy it and feel it might be a decisive part of my calling. But I'm still ambivalent about what path to take in that goal. I would like to reach a very high level of power and healing ability by the time I'm an old man, and am here to see if Black Dragon Nei Kung is the right school for me.

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