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Coach Reza
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How many times have you heard: You have to learn from your mistakes. Only a fool repeats the same mistakes. (or something along those lines).  The truth is, we need to learn from what is happening in the present, not the past!


These are commonly misunderstood statements. I notice that many people dwell on the past and never really let it go. With a negative thought or idea about the past (in regards to oneself or others), you are only attracting negativity for your future and for those you care about. If you keep looking at the past for answers you will attract similar experiences into your future.

Whatever you focus on, the universe presents to you. This is a universal principle that directly pertains to us. If you have a negative thought towards an idea or experience, you are attracting the same experience to repeat itself for you and for others.

Faith allows us to move on and truly grow from experiences (our own and others). Faith is not to be blind, ignorant or naive. Faith is to not question the past. Faith is to accept the past as something that happened for a reason (no need to search for and understanding or wonder why, just knowing that all things happen for a reason is enough understanding.). Live in the moment.

Faith is to be thankful for everything that you have at this moment and to understand that this moment would not exist as it does without the past being as it was. Therefore, there is nothing negative to dwell on. There is no need to question why someone did something or why what you or someone else experienced happened the way it did.

Stop looking at what didn't happen, and start filling your thoughts with appreciation for the things that you have and the things that you enjoy so that you can attract more of these things for you and for those around you.

Remember that a negative attitude about the past prevents success and happiness from coming easy into your life and into the lives of those you love.

Stay positive no matter what! Let go of the past through a simple understanding that all things happen for a reason and that reason is good.

The practice of Faith, Forgiveness and Appreciation can help us to let go of past experiences and allow the universe to manifest the things that we would truly like to experience for ourselves and for our loved ones!

May your futures be full of love, light and appreciation.

One Love!

God Bless!


Coach Reza


Bless Energy Cultivation

Coach Reza

May 14, 2013 at 2:01 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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