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I've had this issue for most of my life where my hands and feet are always cold. It can be the middle of summer and my hands will feel like I just put them in the freezer. Will working with my energy help this process and also what could the cause of this issue be? Is it just poor circulation?

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Hi, seems nobody has replied; by what i have studied it seems you may be what they call a psychic vampire, nothing bad, you should research on the topic, what may help you a little bit is making your metabolism faster, by exercise, packing up some muscle, it can make some difference.

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Cane being cool or cold be a good thing if your body is in total relaxation th
Hey everybody neuro~lief here ... And I'm here to expand express and become more aware of my my greatness. I'm here to share and be become better at elevating and helping conciousness. I'm here to promote balance promote harmony and love.:))
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being cool is not bad. if you are worried about circulation, excersize..



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try using a cool pad in the left hand and a heat pad in the right hand.


Human Mindfulness

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its  just like traditional theory saysl.  you need a good balance of yin and yang qi.  toomuch of one or another for too long a length of time can be damaging to you.  Just look at the traditional charts and use th appropriate exercise to balance yourself out.

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i have a form that build the balanced of the to inside outside and around the body. its in the sixth month of the course.


Amin Jani

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u're not getting to the sourse. I am a medicall teacher and u're not addressing ur 12 merdians. fire/water need to flip and balanced. start off with bubble spring k1

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Coach Reza
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Energy Work will definitely fix this problem.  Poor Circulation to your hands and feet are creating the cold feelings.  Try using the Energy Cultivation Yang Chi Rod! :) This will help you overcome the problem.  It will be in the webstore shortly!


God Bless Energy Cultivation

Coach Reza

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