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For me this is the troublesome area. I can put my awareness pretty much anywhere. The ends of appendages and jointed areas seem to be the easiest of all places for me while other areas are a bit tougher. The tan tien, especially,  is very difficult for me to feel. Sometimes I get a sensation of warmth, other times I feel a sensation of bloatedness -like I have gas, and on rare occasions I can feel a pulse; these things occur when I attempt to place my awareness in that area but are these sensations accurate?

Also with the parineum... should I contract the muscle group as I exhail?


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with the tan tien , it takes time to feel,  those sensations are not so good.  the pulse sensation is, and in fact, the more you pulse right there with your awareness, the more your tan tien will grow in time.  when you find the tan tien with your minds eye/ awareness, its a little dot or can even feel like a tiny string from the outside in an inch, this dot, when the awareness reaches it, is when the mind is there, this is cultivating it, breathing into it is not, and feeling warmth and pressure is not good chi, its side effect.  the pulsing is all thats needed, this dot will feel like a tingle and the more you can sustain your focus there them more energy it gathers.  you will notice your breathing will slow down and naturally create a rhythm.

as far as the perineum,  you should not contract your muscle as the body naturally will tense on on inhales, you have to always relax. more more more and more relaxation, and never rushed, always happy, and not ever to focusing too hard, more of just observing the changes because u will it it.  when you tense any muscle, it sticks the chi to it, so its not moving properly or projecting.


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i've noticed a strand.. only when on a higher resonation though. letting go of your feelings,and just being grateful for all that you are/have can be extremely relaxing, and is a good way to start any meditation practice, in my humble opinion... try that instead of going to it as you would hard martial arts. or other martial practices




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That is an excellent way to start a meditation 9ball.  Contracting muscles is definately bad.  You will only get bad side effects and you won't get good.

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Brandon Walker
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what happens if this is automatic for me.  How do I stop this.  When I breath out I feel something going down to my perinium.  Maybe, its pressure its hard to tell with me I'm kinda stuck on that one.  Can someone help?

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Brandon Walker
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While I'm meditating cross legged I feel like something is pulling me forward.  Is that one I'm supposed to feel.

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