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i am in the progress/process (few years going now)  to access yin. which is purely 'digging the earth with spine' to connect polarities. details later.  there are many persons like me and more is coming.

my question is:

1. would you please explain how did you get (if you got it)  this YIN vibration. what is your story 'master'?

2. specifically what technic do you use to get INSTANT YIN access? (to be always and constantly 'wet')

3. can you say more please about personal spirit (in thoughts from the right source) communication ESSENTIAL for the learning process?

thank you


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I think he'd be more interested in helping to answer your question if you were a part of this school.

I have found in my own dealings that i have had to practice, and cultivate for any improvement. Not everyone is meant to instantly unlock things. It's quite rare. Unless you've spent life times in the past cultivating, it is highly unlikely.



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