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i dont know if this is in the right place, but a youtube video led me here. im really interested in using my mind to cure my autoimmune thyroid disease and celiac. i believe i can cure my body, but i'm just not sure how. help?

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The system Amin and Reza developed here can help heal your mind, and body. I have used it to great effect to heal my crohns disease. I take no medication and have not for quite a few years now. Diet and exercise play a huge role in my own personal wellness. Getting my mind right was huge too. I highly recommend that you take their course. It is very simple and can be done in about 10-15 minutes a day. When i start my day to practice, i eat breakfast, then stretch and work out a bit, then i do my cultivation routine. I find my mind to be clearer, and my body more responsive to the food i eat. I even feel hunger when i practice regularly. Hunger alone is huge for my disease. lol I am currently gaining weight, and have not been healthier in well over 10 years.




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I strongly believe this to be a fact!


I have just been diagnosed with Cancer in the past few days, saying this, I'm ok about it, within my mind! I strongly believe your mind will either Heal or harm you? " Bring about what you THINK ABOUT " :)

I remember reading a story about a hypnotist! he put them under his spell;so to speak, when he spoke to his victim :( he told him that when he touched his arm it would feel like a hot glowing poker! as soon as the hypnotist touched his skin; his skin blistered as if it had been touched with something very hot!

I have actually been listening to " Mind Programs " for the past eight years now so I might have a good advantage in beating this! When you have something to fight for family etc, this is also a strong motive to get well.

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